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Nature and the Divine Mother

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The amazing complexity and beauty of Nature do have a reason to exist: learn about the kingdoms of Nature, the Divine Intelligence that organizes and sustains it all, and why we are here. Includes discussion of the soul, the kundalini, spiritual psychology, and much more.  Scripture quote:

O mother Gaia, of Gods and men the source, endured with fertile, all-destroying force;
all-parent, bounding, whose prolific powers produce a store of beauteous fruits and flowers.

All-various maid, the immortal world’s strong base, eternal, blessed, crowned with every grace;
from whose wide womb as from an endless root, fruits many-formed, mature, and grateful shoot.

Deep-bosomed, blessed, pleased with grassy plains, sweet to the smell, and with prolific rains.

All-flowery Daimon, centre of the world, around thy orb the beauteous stars are hurled with rapid whirl, eternal and divine, whose frames with matchless skill and wisdom shine.

Come, blessed Goddess, listen to my prayer, and make increase of fruits thy constant care;
with fertile seasons (horai) in thy train draw near, and with propitious mind thy suppliants hear.

- Orphic Hymn 26 to Ge, C3rd B.C. to 2nd A.D.

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This was one of the most wonderful lectures i have heard. Thank you so much for the love and wisdom Alex gives us. Peace and blessing to all.
byPolaris, May 27, 2010
Absolutely incredible: poignant and gentle, honest and hopeful; the timing could not be more appropriate, the message could not be more clear. By whatever paths we tread here, we are privy to sensitive information, and responsible for its proper dissemination; we are not passive passengers on "Spaceship"/Mother Earth, we are active stewards--turned ecological and spiritual rapists simply due to a dangerous ignorance regarding true human purpose and potential. The zeitgeist is presently a menace, the implications of which are dire; the weight cannot be taken lightly, as the remedies are exigent. If one is not up to the task of solution, I highly recommend avoidance of this lecture--do not stand idly by during a call to action!
byAlex, May 24, 2010
This lecture is explicitly clear and beautifully presented!

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