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03: Rune Gibor

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The Donum-Dei, "the gift of God," is the fire of God, it is the rune Gibor, the Gibur, the "gift-born," the "Gift-burn." The ancient symbol of the cross or x is related to the swastika, chi, the science of breathing, the apostles Peter and Andrew, the Aztec Calendar, and much more.

It is necessary to receive the Donum-Dei in order to comprehend all the science of the Great Work. The true repentance has its foundation in the sexual mysteries." – Samael Aun Weor, Pistis Sophia Unveiled
The electric force is the cross in movement or the swastika. It is the continuous movement, the transcendent electricity which spins around like a vortex. It has served me in order to form the Gnostic Movement. The cross in the profane and the profaners is not a swastika because the movement ends once they conclude their chemical copulation. On the contrary, in the Gnostic cross, the movement does not end because the electricity itself is transmuted continuously. The normal duration of sexual work must be a minimum of one hour. In India, the degree of culture is measured according to the time-span that the chemical copulation is endured. Whosoever endures three hours is respected and is a “lord.” The swastika in movement generates the transcendental sexual electricity. – Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of the Dialectic

The esoteric name of Kundalini is Sulu-sigi-sig. This is also the name of the central sun. Each one of these letters should be vocalized in the following order. Ssssss Uuuuu Luuuu - Ssssss Iiiiii Gggggg Iiiiii - Ssssss Iiiiii Gggggg. Every letter must be vocalized, prolonging the sound of each letter, just as we have indicated. [...] The vowel “S” is the rune Sig and when we vocalize it, lightning is produced in the internal atmosphere. This lightning has the power to awaken the Kundalini. - Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose
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byAustreheim, October 16, 2010
Looking at a stavchurch, there's a cross placed on top of a
circle with a cross inside of it, just like that symbol
up to the left. That cross is earth and starts with under
the feet, next is the moon and further up. But why would hitlers
swastika spin to the opposite way? Place both swastika
next to eachother and they go in different directions.
The military barracks on the google maps over
there in the US.. there is is again. That cross inside
the circle spins like a propeller shaping the image of a swastika, either to the right or left depending on who knows what. Maybe you can explain in next lecture. Just sayin since hitlers swastika spins that direction it can't be good.
byGuest, October 10, 2010

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