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" The Talmud says, ‘When the Gentiles entered the Sanctuary, they saw (the engravings of) the cherubim joined together in an embrace. They took (the engravings) out to the marketplace, and they said, Should these Israelites - whose blessing is a blessing and whose curse is a curse (so they are so close to G-d) - be involved in such (erotic) matters? Immediately, (the Romans) debased (the Israelites), as it is said, (Lamentations 1:8) All who once respected her (Israel), debased her, for they saw her nakedness.’” In other words, the Romans cursed them and defaced the temple, because they saw the most holy of holies, the most sacred object in the temple, a golden couple in sexual union. "

From the free audio lecture download: Ark of the Covenant